• mercredi 21 février 2018

    Blast from the past!

    If for any reasons you are out of the social media sphere (Face Book first), the probabilities of missing news or pictures about the hobby is important. Other bad thing, pictures on FB are inaccessible by google search. I  try to fix things for you 

    Yesterday during my quotidian FB surf, a blast from the past stroked me and many followers of the Great Horned Rat. The popular Andy Chambers shared some new pictures of his glorious Skaven army highlighted in the old White Dwarf 137 (May 1991). After 26 years and 10 month, we can appreciate his work again but from a different angle.

    Some words of the owner :
    So then. The Skaven army. Collected and painted back in 1990-91, this is undoubtedly the most (in)famous army I’ve ever painted. It appeared in WD137 in 1991 and a surprising number of people still ask me about it almost thirty years later. I basically spent the 90-91 winter months painting a Skaven army and learning not to do blocks of forty at a time. I wrote an article about it and the choices I’d made for the army. The studio cheated a bit by getting the ‘Eavy metal tea...m to put nicer banners on some of the models before photographing them and the beast was published, and to my enduring pleasure has encouraged many others to collect Skaven armies, hail to you my rat-brothers.
    Exposed here for the first time under the cold light of digital photography, years of wear and tear including three intercontinental moves and three decades of developing theory and practice in painting and modelling. Please don’t judge it too harshly.



    samedi 10 février 2018

    Landsknecht Gnome Artillery

    Hello, artillery again this week but in smaller size :) These war machines are sculpted by Byron Harmon for the Alpine Gnomes Kickstarter, Old School Miniatures range of Jamie Loft.
    As the Gnome infantry, they are very easy to paint. I planned to use them in count as Bolth Thrower, you can never have enought war machines in a Dwarf Army !
    Size comparison with classic Dwarves from the Marauders Miniatures Range

    jeudi 8 février 2018

    Nippon army project (Part Four) : Artillery

     Hello, I play this Nippon army with The Empire Army list, so I'm feel better with these two brand new war machines to support my infantry.
    Historically, artillery pieces are supplied by the foreigners like Portuguese, Dutch, etc... These war machines generally come from the ships docked on the Japanese coasts.
    For memory, the Nippon army list from WHFB 2nd edition is well appointed in war machines : Cannon, Catapult, Rocket Laucher and Bolt Thrower.

    jeudi 18 janvier 2018

    Oldhammer Forum : Greatest Battle Report 2017

    Hi! At the end of the year 2017 I participated to the sympathetic Battle report contest imagined by the very motivating ZhuBajie on the Oldhammer Forum. After a struggle with the nine other BattleReports nominated, I finally won the pleasure to add the "Greatest Battle Report 2017" banner to my blog.
    I purposed my only Battle Report of 2017 “Pitch Invasion”, so I’m pretty proud because it’s one of my most valuable Battle Report. The original scenario come from an old "Herault Citadel" (French Citadel miniatures magazine from 80's)
    For me, all the most important ingredients are gathered here to have fun: Friends, scenario, Game Master, painted miniatures, immersive battlefield. It required lot of time to prepare this type of scenario but the result is a unique hobbyistic satisfaction.
    Thank you Zhu for your endless efforts to boost the Old school Scene and thank you to all the Battle Reporters who spend lot of time to write/share their works.  
    Pitch Invasion : Enjoy!

    mercredi 17 janvier 2018

    Landsknecht Gnomes

    Hello, here is a new dimension for my Landsknecht Dwarf army, a Gnome unit. They are considered as a « Rank and File » choice of the Dwarf army list (3rd ed). Citadel edited some gnomes in the mid 80’s, they’re pretty rare and I never found the courage to collect them.
    So, when I discovered the Alpine Gnomes Kick Starter of Jamie Loft last year, I naturally backed the project. Miniatures are funny, many postures, special characters, wounded Gnome. Size and style match with my Dwarves.

    For me, Alpine Gnome refer to the “Swiss mercenaries”, embarrassing thing when you build a Landsknecht army (bitter enemies during the Renaissance era). Therefore, to increase the “Landsknecht style” of my new Gnome unit, I added some feathers on their hats and I painted them with a festival colors as properly. The final touch is the traditional colored banners of the Holy Roman Empire.
    Size comparison

    dimanche 31 décembre 2017

    Nippon army project (part three) : Ronin and Ninja

    For the last post of the year, a new step for my Samurai army. The first add is a unit of Samurais Ronin, these Samurais masterless are generally recruited as Bodyguard, mercenaries. Sometimes they form criminal gangs. They are unarmoured and this is the great occasion to paint colorful Kimonos. Different type of “pants” are wear over a first Kimono pant, a small study can be necessary to understand how to paint them.

    Next part concerning the Ninjas, these guys was very popular during the 80's, lots of movies or video games showed them on the western screens. They are depicted as  ultimate fightning machines, hired as spy or assassin by rivals Daimyos. At the opposite in Japan culture, they have a dubious reputation of thieves or murderers.  Ninja's models are generaly painted in black but I opted for dark brown colors to generated a sorte of "contrast".

    Last part concerning the special caracters. Here I painted 2 warrior Buddhist monks, I planned to used them as priest or wizard in my Fantasy army. One of them is a large walking monk with a huge No Dashi (two hands sword) on the shoulder. The other monk come from the Kamakura period and wearing a full robes on his armour and the usual headcowl.

    Dixon models in White Dwarf magazine!

    lundi 11 décembre 2017

    Christmas vignette and unreleased models

    Hi, I succombed to the compulsory Christmas frenzy with this mini vignette from the Foundry Wargame range.

    To encrease the Christmas effect I enclosed the vignette in  glass dome...As a snow globe, cool stuff in the display cabinet!

    So, nice suprise when I opened my parcel, Foundry added some goodies to my order. Check the last part of this post, these models are "unreleased" for the moment and I suppose they planned to release them in the few months (or not!?).

    A Wizard from 1987 Citadel range (Aly Morrison) , a couple of Orclings chainsaw loonies (Kevin Adams) and to finish a Squigg/toad/demon (John Pickford). I convert this last model in fearsome Christmas Demon... Probably summoned by fanatics of a new growing Chaos Santa Claus cult...

    Thank you Wargame Foundry and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!