• jeudi 8 juin 2017

    Dwarfs at war !

    I built this vignette with miniatures from the Bood Wargames range, I met the producer "Bood" at the last Oldhammer Day France. He nicely proposed me to pick up some models in his shop case. An elegant way to combine the pleasure to practicaly.

    His range of medieval Dwarfs start to be expended : Men at Arms with différents arms position and weapons, Ponies, Crossbowmen (coming soon on his web site) Lot of good things but I get inspiration with his marvellous Drunk Dwarfs.

    These vignette represent the Dwarf spirit at war but did you notice that vignette work for Dwarfs  spirit befor, during and after the battle!! Dwarfs never die of thirst.

    Thank you Bood :)

    Dwarfs at war!!

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